Ticketing for the be.tween theatre festival has been extended.

Ticketing has been changed to the new format. You can simply buy a ticket here for the entire be.tween weekend from September 10-12. You will select the visitor-limited show later - shortly before the ticket download - for one of the shows on the date on the your ticket. The FAQs and further information are currently being revised.

Tickets for the be.tween theatre festival cost 70,-€ incl. VAT. The ticket price includes access to one of the visitor-limited show, as well as the possibility to stay at the campsite from September 09-13. Also included is a PCR testing on site.


Tickets for children from the age of 3 and before their 13th birthday cost 15,-€ incl. VAT, and are added on to the adult’s ticket in the order process. Only a reduced theatre programme is offered for children and they cannot be taken to the visitor-limited shows.

Tickets already purchased for September 3, 4 or 5 can be cancelled or rebooked for the weekend September 10-12. Informations on how to do this will be available shortly.

Please refer to the be.tween Theatre Fest Ticket Area for more information and our FAQs.